Why Buy from us?

Here at AHD Exports, we understand that buying furniture involves some big decisions and we fully appreciate the time and effort you dedicate to select the products you want from a company you can trust. We’d like to take this opportunity to reassure you that AHD EXPORTS is the right company for your purchase…


Personal service

We’re a dedicated lot here and we’re happy to help you with just about anything! We’ll even call you to run through the delivery details of your order.

Government approved sourcing

Government approval is that connects everything we do, including 100% of our furniture. We are proud to be a EPCH member (Export promotional Council Of Handicrafts) and have held social responsibility.

High quality furniture, affordably priced

We’ve specialized in beautifully hand-crafted, hardwood furniture so we really know how to bring you the very best quality at the fairest price.

Value for money

We provide furniture direct from our factory so our prices to you reflect a very short supply chain that also means we can provide you higher fair trade prices for our products.

Discount Schemes

The more you order, the more you get. The discount can range from 5 to 10%.

Sustainable hardwood

The sustainable hardwoods used in the hand-crafting of our furniture are kiln dried to ensure their stability. Some larger pieces may have a veneer over lighter wood to help make the piece easier to move.

Buyers’s custom design

We also provide, design with the material and production method requested. What you have to do is send us your designs by e-mail, complete with the measurement and specification you preference then we will carry on.

Commitment & Dedication

Our commitment and dedication is toward our staff and our clients, the people responsible for the success of our business. Our product is 100% locally designed and manufactured.

Exclusive designs

Most of our furniture designs are created by our in-house team and manufactured exclusively to our exacting standards.

Happy Buyers

There’s nothing like a personal recommendation and we love it when our buyers share their thoughts with us. Independent reviews of our products and services are invaluable to anyone making an important purchase decision.


Your feedback is always very welcome… drop us an email to [email protected] or call the AHD EXPORTS on +91 9571140906. Happy Buying!

More reasons to purchase at AHD EXPORTS


We give your sketch a life.

We have have left no stone upturned in their quest for innovative furniture that combines practicality with the latest contemporary interior design trends. The result is exclusive storage furniture that appeals to even the most discerning design lovers. The furniture combines fabulous functionality with an exclusive design and fits harmoniously with your other furniture and personal interior style.

Our design team work together with local craftsmen who’s skills are handed down from father to son to create some unique and exciting products.

AHD EXPORTS | Wooden Furniture Pricing


Being own furniture manufacturing unit’s transfers the prices as a matter of fact results in competitiveness in wholesaling. In like manner, we offer best value furniture at best prices.

Furthermore, We calculate not only every single piece of wood but also the hardware and  glue too used in the furniture to minimized the prices. In addition to give you the best price.

If you have any special designs, please send us and we will do our best to calculate them to meet the best prices.

Give us a chance to serve you once.


Maximize Your Profits  with AHD EXPORTS

We would be loved to hear that our products are in high demand, so our work is not only to provide you the best furniture but also we believe in working together. In addition, to maximize the profits,it all starts from purchasing the products at lowest price then  we would love to design your marketing materials also. We have a small team of graphic designers, who can produce a large range of marketing materials for you including: Adverts, Brochures & leaflets, Newsletters, Point of Sale material etc. We designed our own website and all our marketing materials in-house. This should give you an idea of the standard of our work.  Being based in Asia, our prices will be very competitive and will save you money.



When it comes to the handicraft industry, Jodhpur comes in the first place. Jodhpur, enriched with its glory of heritage, is enamored as the cultural capital of Rajasthan State of India. This medieval city, the second largest town of the State, yet retains its elegant charm and occult identity. The city, rich in architecture and culture heritage, is also the home of ethnic art and crafts. As result, Jodhpur has lately emerged as a hub of wooden artistic furniture and handicrafts, the number one exporting town of the country in wooden crafts. The uniqueness of handicrafts of the town comparatively has led the world to the fantasy of our rich cultural heritage. Because of the artistic and ornate craftsmanship which do not have parallel the world over, the masterpieces of handicrafts of Jodhpur, while preserving the centuries old traditions and legacy. Usually the buyers are driven by the demands of a particular place. 

We would be love to hear if you require any further information, feel free to contact us at anytime.